Someone changed the definition of "Model" on me while I wasn't looking (check out her photos)

Sara Barnes burned down 3,500-year-old tree called The Senator 'because she needed to see the drugs she was doing' | Mail Online:

Autocorrect's Bad Timing

School lockdown lifted; phone's autocorrect created threatening message:

I like my counties and my governors named after Hemegenons. The

In a Chinese fortune cookie

Proof that Men are perverts NO MATTER WHAT

FYI remember, this guy also left his wife for his way way way younger Nurse.  How do you tell your wife your leaving her for your younger Nurse and have the confidence she is NOT going to put her hand on your mouth a la Tony Soprano on Christopher?


Finally after over a year of learning Blogger, I am proud to announce that FROM THE GUT has come out of Beta!  I'll be posting funny stuff and weird thoughts - I hope you enjoy.  ANY comments or ideas on how to make this blog better, especially on the layout, is apprecaited!

A big SHO 'NUFF!!!!! sendout to who found me the template for this site and tweaked it to fit.  If its Adobe, Learn from Lisa!