Friday Movie Clip for 4/27/12 - Pee Wee's Big Adventure (Breakfast)

You'll have to click through, embedding is disabled. A true classic! Pee Wee Herman Breakfeast/Mr. T Cereal

Ew Egyptians,ew!

"Egyptian parliament considering bill legalizing, er, sex with spouse after death?"

"Egypt’s National Council for Women (NCW) has appealed to the Islamist-dominated parliament not to approve two controversial laws on the minimum age of marriage and allowing a husband to have sex with his dead wife within six hours of her death according to a report in an Egyptian newspaper." Read Full Article Here

Two words for Indianapolis fans

Jeff George

Nerd Dating

Nerd Dating 101 - Watch More Funny Videos
What happens when two decent looking people fall in Nerd love? Watch!

How to convert a Rapper to Foreign Currency

Rapper 50 Cent Converted Into Malaysian Currency (You have to see the photo

WWE does Osama death

No one does war victory announcements better than WWE! (Which is always WWF in my mind, screw you nature!)

Friday Movie Clip for 4/20/2012 - Half Baked (Munchies)

Note today's date!

What ever happened to Swiss Chalet?

I was watching Owning Mahoney today and they mentioned going to Swiss Chalet. My mom got that for me CONSTANTLY as a kid, the "Quarter Chicken Dinner". It was so yummy what ever happened to them?

Update: Ah, they closed all their US locations, but are still all over Canada, ay!

Taliban fail!

Food's Biggest Scam: The Great Kobe Beef Lie - Forbes

Food's Biggest Scam: The Great Kobe Beef Lie - Forbes:

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I would like to thank @TheLastGlow for following me on Twiter

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Why do we care what the dogs name is?

"Jenson Bolla-Sosa, 28, of Fort Lauderdale, was charged with knowingly having sexual contact with a pet dog named Mimi after cops arrested him Sunday, reports the South Florida Sun-Sentinel."
(Click links for more)

FloriDUH | Sun Sentinel Blogs | Man accused of having sex with a dog named Mimi:

Male NFL Cheerleader?

Man tries out for Denver Broncos cheerleaders | Seattle:

Come to think of it, why is this such a weird story, Tampa Bay Bucs have male cheerleaders! SEXIST NEWSPAPER!

Someone actually made a Sho 'Nuff Tshirt for Women!

Sho' Nuff! Tees from

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Hacker busted by boobs!

Suspected Anonymous Hacker Busted By FBI — Thanks To A Racy Photo « CBS Houston:

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Best Craigslist Post EVAH!

Woman Seeking Man Who Knocked Her Up In The Bathroom At Megadeth/Motorhead Show On Craigslist:

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Friday Movie Clip for 4/30/2012 - 8 Rules of Fight Club (Fight Club)

Wild remix.

In honor of Sundance's

Awesome Titanic graphic


Are Obama’s job policies hurting women? - The Washington Post:

Obviously, the WaPo wanted me to say "WTF?!?" today.

Funniest Wheel of Fortune video EVAH!

T for Tom - YouTube:

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A tribute to Mike Wallce, RIP

You were the best MW, no one will ever be as good as you - although we do love Chris Hansen!

I don't get Raising Arizona

I don't get Raising Arizona, I can never make it more than halfway because I find the movie stupid and boring. Can someone PLEASE explain?

Friday Movie Clip for 4/6/2012 -- Merchandising (Spaceballs)

Dedicated to my beautiful wife, who loves this scene and recites it often. I LOVE YOU WIFEY!

Proof Baseball is stupid!

Only Baseball Could Screw Up Something As Simple As 'Opening Day' - Business Insider:

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WTF moment of my week

Not by demand.
Not by popular demand.
But by GREAT demand.
I am sure all of you reading this were part of that demand, feel satiated!

And hey, its sponsored by the DbackwardsZbackwardsET Times, my favorite paper!


I don't know why, but I'm fascinated by this and actually find the guy credible!

Proof that sports pros never get past their high school super stardom

That's super hot?

Samantha Brick on the downsides to looking pretty: 'Why women hate me for being beautiful' | Mail Online:
I love English people, but if that is their definition of Super Hot, then I need to downgrade my ratings for the British a few notches.

Friday Movie Clip for 3/30/2012 - Go to your Home (Happy Gilmore)

Random Thoughts of the Past Week ending 4/1/2012

I had two random thoughts last week, I want to share:

1) Do Women's Basketball teams have cheerleaders? If so, are they female or males?


2) Does Isreal have Isreali Arabs in their military/are they required to do the 2 years of compulsory service?



Maryland woman claims she has Mega Millions winning ticket and won’t share with co-workers in her lottery pool at McDonald’s -

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