Friday Movie Clip - Prime Directives (Robocop)

A movie WAY ahead of its time. "I fucking LOVE that guy!"

Posted today as we got the news that the REMAKE IS COMING this week!

Friday Movie Clip - Divine Intervention (Pulp Fiction)

Although the Kahuna Burger scene may be the most famous, this is almost equally as good and way less well known" Divine Intervention (Pulp Fiction) Remember, every day God in some way does something to tell you he's here and you should stay on the righteous path - ignore these signs at your peril! P.S. Production error, you can see the bullet holes in the wall BEFORE the bathroom boy even pops out and shoots! sues over amputed penis!

Ewwwwwwww look how he got the infection! Look, if a Doctor says "Don't do this for a few weeks or you may lose your penis", its VERY EASY not to do whatever he tells me not to do - INCLUDING BREATHING!



Do I really need to say anymore?

TOTD - Casino's and Day Care

THOUGHT OF THE DAY -- Why DON'T casinos have day care in them?? Wouldn't it be a huge profitable move? Have Coffee. Discuss.

This is why American Reality TV is better than British Reality TV

Winner of this year's Britian's Got Talent - are you kidding me?

Thought of the Day: Rare Earth Metals

Rare Earth Metals are neither Rare nor only available on Earth.
Have Coffee.  Discuss. Tawlk.

A study on study of studies.

Friday Movie Clip for 5/11/12 - Empty Times Square (Vanilla Sky)

A little long, but a MAJOR classic scene - NY Times - completely empty but for one. Pure movie heaven, especially for NYC lovers.

What's your Favorite Food?

Notice my two circles, and especially the highlighted WHATS YOUR FAVORITE FOOD?
(Source Article from the Daily Mail UK)

Friday Movie Clip for 5/4/2012 -- Bad Cop, Bad Cop (The Other Guys)

A classic....

Crazy Tanning Bed Woman MUST WATCH

This is so gross I couldn't even watch all of it, but its still a must watch. Try and go to a tanning bed after watching this story! Via Mediate

Florida Death Row

I'm watching Death Row: The Final 24 Hours on Discovery Channel. They say that in Florida (and I'm sure they do something similar in other states) they post a guard for the final 24 hours before execution at the inmate's cell door to make sure he doesn't attempt suicide. WHY. WHO CARES!!??!!! If he does it, just saves money! WTF! As a side note, all the states require before lethal injection that the inmate's arm be wiped with alcohol before the IV is inserted. WHY????!!!!

Adding Random Thoughts to FromtheGut

I'm going to start adding a new category of posts to, that of Random Thoughts. Right now most of the posts are links to news stories of strange happenings, but I thought a braindump of my ADD brain (also called and Acorn Head by my close friends for reasons I don't fully understand) will even make this blog better. Note that postings of POLITICAL VIEWS are not allowed on this blog, but some of these thoughts may include how Government is stupid or ridiculous - which is a non-partisan issue. Thank you for reading/subscribing, and tell everyone you know!